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Want to own your own home? Confused about where to begin the home buying process?

December 12, 2018

Home Buying Process: Here are some helpful tips to buying your first home!

Home Buying Process - Want to own your own home

Getting the keys to your first home is a big moment in the lives of many! We have been there to witness the joy first-hand all-over Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County and Broward County. It is an honor to be the chosen real estate expert to help so many wonderful people through the seemingly, daunting home buying process. When our buyers say the home buying process was “seamless,” we know we have done our job well. You should know that the process is almost never seamless, but a good Realtor should shield the buyer from any unnecessary frustrations. In fact, the moment the buyer is handed the keys to their first home and we see their face light up with possibilities, it makes every email, text, phone call, late night and early morning worth it. Follow the tips below to have a seamless home buying experience like our clients!

What home price can I afford in Florida?

Home Buying Process - what home price can I afford in Florida

Your first step in the home buying process is to know what you can afford. If you’ll need a mortgage to buy your home, reach out to your local banker that you trust to get pre-approved for a loan. This essential step will provide you with insight on what you can afford, what you’ll need as a down payment, as well as how a price point equates to monthly mortgage payments. Speaking to a lender and getting pre-approved first will help you avoid falling in love with the wrong house. This step also helps when you present your offer on the right house. A seller will take you more seriously if you have a pre-approval letter with your offer. If you need suggestions for lenders, ask for referrals from your Realtor.

What kind of home do I want and where do I want to live?

Home Buying Process - What kind of home do I want and where do I want to live

This is the fun part! Create your wish list. What things must you have in your home? What things are nice to have? What things are deal breakers? Repeat the same thing for the neighborhoods. Do you prefer a certain school? Do you need to live close to work? This is helpful in narrowing your selection and simplifying your decision process. Then enjoy yourself while your Realtor takes you to tour the selections in your criteria.

How do I find the best Florida Realtor?

Home Buying Process - How do I find the best Florida Realtor

Begin with personal recommendations and reviews! Your Realtor will become your new best friend and confidant. This person will help you make good decisions for you and your family. Your personal goals, both short-term and long-term, should be their number one priority. They should have great communication skills, excellent negotiation skills, and strong relationships with lenders, inspectors, Real Estate attorneys and other agents. We are biased towards our exceptional Urban Resource Realtors, but our reviews speak for themselves.

After I find a home, how do I negotiate a home price?

Home Buying Process - After I find a home, how do I negotiate a home price

You don’t. Your Realtor takes the reigns from here! All you need to do is be responsive to your Realtor. They may need you for final approvals to counter offers or additional information to solidify the deal. The sooner you can get your Realtor the information needed, the sooner they can make your dream home possible! Hence, selecting the best Realtor is very important. This crucial step is all about finesse and timing.

What Can I Expect During Inspections and Home Closings?

Home Buying Process - What Can I Expect During Inspections and Home Closings

The inspection is incredibly important to ensure you are making a sound investment. Most people are not experts on construction, plumbing, electrical and everything else that goes into a building a home. The home inspector examines every detail of the home and will present you with an inspection report. This report is vital for final negotiations! You want to be present for the home inspection to be able to ask questions.

Once your inspections are completed, the closing agent will start their process. This person is responsible to facilitate a smooth transition between buyer and seller and clear the property title and liens. They receive all lender documents and ensure that all outstanding items are cleared and settled for closing. Conduct one final walk-thru prior to signing day to confirm the property is in the same or better condition as the day of the home inspection.

Finally, closing day is here! You and your Realtor have reviewed every detail and all funds have been processed. Bring your favorite pen, your patience and ask questions. Now is the time to clarify anything you do not fully understand before the home sale is final. This is often the biggest purchase someone will make in their lifetime and your Realtor is here for you and are looking out for your best interest.

After you have perfected your signature, take your home keys and celebrate! Protip: Don’t wait until you move in and your house is perfect. Make your new house/condo a home right away; fill your home with friends and family by hosting a housewarming party!

Why Should I Choose Urban Resource Real Estate?

Home Buying Process - Why Should I Choose Urban Resource Real Estate.

With a combined team experience and commitment to the North Beach, Miami Beach area of over 200 years, Urban Resource is the premier expert for North Beach, Miami Beach real estate! Brother-sister founders, Daniel and Laura Veitia, who live and work in North Beach can provide you with real estate knowledge as a resident, investor, and business owner in the area. Dedicated to their customer and supporting the growth of the neighborhood, Urban Resource’s team of highly trained and licensed real estate professionals are reliable and responsive. Additionally, as the largest property management company in North Beach with 100+ buildings under management, Urban Resource’s success and reputation are the direct result of the relationships built with their owners, residents and local North Beach community. A hands-on approach and honest assessments exceed customer expectations by adding value at every step. Don’t want to take our word on it?

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