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Top Landscaping Trends for Curb Appeal That Wows Potential Buyers in North Beach, Miami Beach

December 19, 2019

Curb Appeal That Wows Potential Home Buyers in Miami Beach

A first impression is made in under seven seconds. In real estate, if a home does not appeal to buyers stepping out of their car – even if the interior is spectacular – the sale may be lost for good. Curb appeal is the fastest way to gain interest through maintenance, attention to detail and visual appeal. In Miami Beach, which was voted as the Most Visual City in America, every lawn is as impressive as the one next door. Sellers need to present an oasis in the back and front yards, where loved ones can enjoy the subtropical weather. Don’t just upgrade your house when you are selling or remodeling, explore the latest Miami Beach landscaping trends to boost your curb appeal, too.

Create an oasis

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Hygge, a term that conveys the feeling of calm and tranquility, is about comfort during winter. South Floridians only experience a few hours or days of cold weather each year, making hygge somewhat of a challenge. Focus instead on the warm feeling of togetherness and fun that is the hygge state of mind. A serene garden or lawn invites water features, such as fountains and Zen ponds. String a few lights around palm trees or in your gazebo. Plant flowers and herbs to fill the air with their alluring scent. Go native with purple coneflowers, canna lilies and beach sunflowers for a burst of local color. Buy or repair lawn furniture and place pieces in a circle to provide closeness. To make your home a real showstopper, join the Miami Beach trend of outdoor art. From murals to sculptures, Miami Beach is one of the few American cities that has a public art program that has gained international recognition. Go avant garde with a mermaid or industrial sculpture or give loved ones blank canvases to create masterpieces you can display in your garden. Just make sure that your selections have wide appeal and are family friendly.

Use color wisely/tastefully

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Miami Beach is tropically retro with an infusion of global style. Given the rich architectural history of Art Deco and Miami Modern (MiMo), so many yards and homes in Miami Beach use bold and bright splashes of color because everything else is kept white or neutral. Give a wink to history with the bold use of color in your exterior. Front door color transitions/welcomes the world at large into your home; this is where style truly matters. Consider a pale yellow or peach for the exterior door. An aqua or red door will make a statement and pique interest about what the inside of the home looks like. If that is too much, try a brightly hued front door rug, porch plants or shrubs/hedges.

Reconsider fencing

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The right fence can send the perfect message to a potential buyer. A picket fence is nostalgic and modern at once. It is best in most cases to paint the pickets white, but for a more unique yet uniform look, paint them the same color as the house’s trim. Go bolder with a wrought iron fence for a sophisticated look or create a living fence for an eco-conscious option. Allow your garden to grow over and through the fence. Whether it is wood, iron or greenery, match your fence to the style of your home for a welcoming look.

Go greener

Thanks to the subtropical climate, vegetation/nature flourishes in Miami Beach. If you don’t plan on selling in the foreseeable future, consider planting trees, vegetation and flowers to benefit the environment. They will also greatly add to your resale value. For the right trees for your outdoor space, go big with a live oak, medium with seagrapes, or make a big statement with a small tree such as a Florida privet. You could also explore planting a mango, avocado or citrus tree. Miami Beach is so dedicated to a greener tomorrow that on Arbor Day, the city often gives away plants and trees. From vines to shrubs, Florida vegetation is colorful and will add local charm to your yard. Explore the botany rainbow with Carolina jessamine or coral honeysuckle for fragrant vines, wild coffee shrubs, and pentas.

Upgrade your curb appeal with the right landscaping trends for 2020. Located in the North Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, Urban Resource is dedicated to helping sellers explore landscaping options to maximize real estate investments through increased curb appeal. Not only do our experts work in Miami Beach, they also live and play here. You can see them on the school run or walking their dogs in the neighborhood. Talk to your local Miami Beach experts at Urban Resource to upgrade your curb appeal with the right landscaping trends for 2020 to increase your resale value.

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