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Thinking of Relocating to Miami from NYC?

February 27, 2019

Relocating to Miami from New York City has many perks!  Escaping New York winters may be a top reason, but it is just scratching the surface of all the benefits to living in Miami, FL at the Beach.

Relocating to Miami Beach from NYC

Ask any native New Yorker, young or old, in Miami why they moved here.  You will find many reasons – mostly weather related!

Here are of the reasons we have heard about why people are moving from NYC full-time or as snowbirds:  

The perks of living in Miami are in many ways, obvious, like the laid-back atmosphere, beautiful sandy beaches, and crystal-clear blue waters. Miami has, on average, 25% more sunny days than other US cities! People are happier, healthier and more inspired in Miami Beach with the wide array of active experiences all year round. Ride your bike, skateboard, or scooter to work and walk almost anywhere.  Many do not need a car in Miami.

But New Yorkers don’t only like Miami for the pretty beaches; they love that it is a beach CITY.  Miami Beach is full of the hustle and bustle New Yorkers love! The diverse population creates a culture unlike any other in the USA.  People from New York love the diverse culinary options, music experiences, and job opportunities here. You will find many large corporations have their Latin America Headquarters based out of Miami. For that reason, among many, Miami has been called the Latin America capital.  Also, high demand for travel to and from Miami created countless opportunities for direct flights all over the world. The ease and convenience of travel is just the icing on this cake!

One of the biggest reasons New Yorkers flock to Miami, is the lack of taxes.  New Yorkers, accustomed to high-priced living, have a state income tax and Manhattanites also have a city tax!  Moving to Miami from New York, can feel like a big raise for a New Yorker! They don’t have to imagine the tax breaks in Florida; they get to experience no state income and city taxes!

Relocating to Miami from New York City

Tips when relocating to Miami Beach from NYC:  

  • Take the time to tour your new home with a local realtor before you commit!  Even if you are not ready to buy and are renting for a short period of time, we still recommend touring your new home before signing a lease.  If you absolutely cannot make a trip down here before you move into your new home, Facetime with your local Realtor and communicate all your expectations as well as, assumptions. Facetiming cannot replace taking your own steps through a home, but it is better than just relying on photos or moving in blind.     
  • Do your research!  Decide on the style of life you would prefer.  Are you retiring? Are you working from home or an office?  Where is your office located and what kind of commute do you want?  Most areas of Real Estate that Urban Resource specializes in, are approximately a 20-minute commute to just about every major area of commerce.  We can provide insightful details about the different neighborhoods from a local’s perspective.
  • Each neighborhood in Miami and Miami Beach offers something unique.  Brickell, with its metropolitan setting, is perfect for the Manhattan-ite!  North Beach, Miami Beach is our personal favorite for the laid-back beach lifestyle.  
  • Buying a condo? The ocean is highly desirable but don’t overlook the bay! The bay has downtown Miami skyline views and larger size apartments, in general.   Also consider the condominium rules and regulations including noise, pet and rental policies and restrictions. Find out if the condominium is financially sound.  Condo application processes are not nearly as strict as the co-ops in New York. If you can pay maintenance fees and not break the policies, then you will get approved.  A good local Realtor will be an excellent source to navigate each individual building when purchasing a condo!

Finally, sell your wool sweaters and buy yourself new swimsuits and a beach umbrella! Welcome to the neighborhood!  We are your local urban resource for all your real estate needs.

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