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The Normandy Fountain Business Association: Urban Resource’s Involvement

December 9, 2019

The Normandy Fountain Business Association is a supportive collaboration growing out of the businesses of the Normandy Fountain district in North Beach, Miami Beach. The NFBA is a Nonprofit Organization encouraging future community success by being a good neighbor now. From Salsa Saturdays to supporting educational opportunities for small businesses, this neighborhood powered foundation is just beginning.

Experienced Leaders

Normandy Fountain Business Association on Miami Beach- Normandy Fountain branded

The NFBA may be a newly developed enterprise but its members are seasoned and have been a dedicated force in elevating the community. The revitalization of the North Beach Bandshell – a local venue for exceptional arts and entertainment – was strongly supported by the owners of Urban Resource who are devoted to furthering funding, project growth and revitalization within Miami Beach communities.

Urban Resource, located in the heart of the North Beach neighborhood, is one of the driving forces of the Normandy Fountain Business Association. As a Real Estate and Property Management company, Urban Resource has the unique perspective of looking at the community through the eyes of residents as well as through the lens of the community as a whole. The heart of Urban Resource is in revitalizing the neighborhood of North Beach.

“North Beach has a natural appeal and character that is quite unique, offering residents a lifestyle that is active, familial, & full of life.” – Laura Veitia, VP/Broker of Urban Resource

Building on an Inspired Foundation

Normandy Fountain Business Association on Miami Beach - Normandy Fountain Disco Donation Urban Resource
North Beach, Miami Beach development took the spotlight when the city began heavily remodeling the Normandy Isle area. The project centered on the Normandy Fountain, whose restoration began after encouragement from the Mayor’s Blue-Ribbon Panel of North Beach. The goal of these city-funded community activations was to create a pedestrian focused environment for the local residents and businesses to fill. The city continued its support by extending small business grants towards the creation of projects and community events for continued growth. The walkable district is now home to over 60 small businesses.

When the city announced budget cuts this past season a small, core group of Normandy Fountain businesses came together to continue to support and activate their community. As community members themselves, these small business owners committed to investing their resources to pick up where the city left off. Their initial charitable donations totaled $15,000, $5,000 of which was donated by Urban Resource.

As a new endeavor, incorporated just this past October, the NFBA has already inspired a sense of togetherness through a developing calendar of interactive events, live music, and community sponsorships. Salsa Saturdays have become one of the most popular recurring events, garnering police involvement at the first-ever foundation salsa fundraiser. Local officers got onstage to drum and salsa with Tito Puente Jr., and the moment went viral.

The growth potential of resonating with the city-at-large by building the neighborhood from within is a key focus of the Normandy Fountain Business Association. The structure of the district with its wide family-friendly sidewalks will make residents see local businesses in a personal way. These pedestrian elements have been built-in to encourage people out of their cars and into the engaging streets of their neighborhood.

What Awaits You

Residents are enthusiastic about the NFBA calendar of events, but the Association doesn’t just put on parties and fundraisers, it supports the day-to-day growth of its vibrant businesses. Through the timeline of city and community development, small businesses have learned that supporting one another benefits them as a whole. By sharing resources and developing a community strategy, the small businesses of the Fountain District have collaborated to lift one another up and share in the creation of promotions and partnerships that enhance the experiences of local patrons.

Locals enjoy walking Normandy Isle and tasting food from local bistros. Visiting local bars for hand-crafted drinks, taking advantage of artisan shopping at the many boutiques – even running their errands – is all possible while supporting local markets, salons, and offices.

The city’s constant evolution is a positive force; a strong one that can potentially sweep up local businesses. Shifting tides create dynamic opportunities and strengthen connections. The NFBA community activations and events showcase the creativity and industrious efforts of its businesses to build lasting relationships with the residents of their community.

Lighting Up the Community

Normandy Fountain Business Association on Miami Beach - NFBA Menorah

As the holidays approach, collaboration and community-caring shine. This Year’s Normandy Fountain lighting festivities on Sunday, December 1st, were the area’s best display of lights to-date. The festival was very highly anticipated. It began with a local business artisan market and ended with musical celebrations and the illumination of the Fountain, Christmas Tree, and Menorah. The local Mimo Music school hosted holiday performances by their students and Temple Moses provided traditional Hanukah songs.

The Normandy Fountain district Menorah story is one that mirrors the efforts of the NFBA. The diverse neighbors of North Beach decided a Menorah needed to be built. Plans were drawn up and donated by a local architect, Reines & Straz, to reflect the beauty and design elements of the fountain. The lumber for the project was donated by another local business, Painting With A Twist. A local builder donated his discounted services and funding for the project’s needs were covered by local donors.

This lovely testament to community collaboration is a reflection of the centering force of the Normandy Fountain Business Association; we are strong when we build together.
Urban Resource is a family of local experts deeply and lovingly involved in the local community. The Urban Resource team is here to help with any and all of your Real Estate and Property Management needs. UR places an emphasis on investing back into the community they serve through development projects, community activations, fundraising events, and more.
For information about the NFBA, its mission, upcoming events, and projects, click here.

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