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North Beach Trolley Coming Soon

June 12, 2014

North Beach Trolley Example JPG

North Beach is soon to acquire its very own trolley service! The North Beach Trolley will run Monday through Sunday between 8:00AM to 12:00AM. The trolley is FREE and open to the public and is scheduled to begin service in October 2014.

The route will offer service between the stretch of 65th street to 88th street and from the western tip of Normandy Isle to Collins Avenue. The route passes through all of our commercial, recreational, and residential districts and targets our local parks, schools, and bicycle stations. With a minimum of 4 trolley carts on route at all times, the expected average wait time will be 10 minutes.

North Beach Trolley Route with Parks with logo JPG  North Beach Trolley Route with Schools with logo JPG

North Beach Trolley Route with Land Use Codes JPG

The vehicle amenities include:

  • On board cameras
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wifi
  • GPS tracking and mobile tracker app
  • Automated ADA Lift
  • Exterior destination signs
  • Automated stop announcements
  • Automated voice information system
  • Automated passenger counters

Below are some samples that the North Beach Trolley carts will be modeled after:

North Beach Trolley Example  Trolley Example - Interior JPG

Trolley Example - Interior 2 JPG

Another great feature of the proposed North Beach Trolley route is that it coincides with existing Miami-Dade transit routes.

The City of Miami Beach conducted a residential survey to determine the need for the trolley.

  • 78% of North Beach residents claimed an automobile as their primary form of transportation.
  • Only 23% of residents in Miami Beach rated traffic flow as excellent or good
  • 67% of North Beach residents stated there was not enough parking in Miami Beach
  • Nearly half (49%) of residents claimed they would take a local bus circulator

City of Miami Beach Survey for North Beach Trolley Use

Based off of this study, the availability of a local trolley in North Beach could potentially increase traffic flow and parking availability in the area. Perhaps it is long overdue. Miami-Dade County identified a need for a transit circulator in North Beach back in 2007. The original study resulted in a planned circulator route from 65th street to 96th street and from Biarritz Drive to portions Collins Avenue.

The new proposed route will offer more access to Collins Avenue and a less disruptive path through the more quiet residential areas.

We feel that systems like these help bring our community closer together. Stay tuned on our blog for further updates on this project as we approach its expected start date. We love to hear your feedback. Will the North Beach Trolley become your primary means of local transportation?

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