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North Beach Town Center Passed!

November 19, 2018

North Beach Town Center - Town Center SE Aerial branded Urban Resource

North Beach Town Center Passed!

On November 14, 2018, the Miami Beach City Commission passed ordinances setting development guidelines for the North Beach Town Center, Step One in the Master Plan for North Beach growth and revitalization. After a multitude of debates finding a healthy balance between the interests of outside investors and local residents, development can begin! In fact, in recent years, 247,000+ Sq. Ft. of property has already been purchased and ready to develop anticipating this day. There is even a built-in incentive in the city ordinances to begin development sooner rather than later. North Beach residents let their voices be heard at the local meetings and through their votes; government representatives heard them and took the necessary steps.

Creating a new Town Center engages the community in ways that brings long-term sustainable economic growth while maintaining the unique, quaint feel of North Beach, Miami Beach. Residents look forward to greater local conveniences including entertainment, hotels, artisanal retail, doctors’ offices, shops, restaurants, and bars. Not to mention the job opportunities! Within the regulations, preservation of our beloved city amenities like beaches, shade trees, parks, pools, tennis courts and soccer fields, is a priority and secure. Also, our cherished MiMo architecture will play a major role in all new construction to fit seamlessly within the neighborhood.

As local business owners and residents, we are excited for the possibilities that lie ahead for our great city. Since we are actively devoted to North Beach, Miami Beach, we will keep a close eye on all changes happening in the coming years. We want to ensure the implementation of the Master Plan is done efficiently and effectively for all involved. Today begins the transformation of North Beach! Give us a call at 305-403-8686 to discuss how these changes can positively affect you, your real estate and your future in North Beach!

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