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North Beach (NoBe) Town Center: The Community Has Spoken!

November 13, 2018

The North Beach community has spoken!

Miami Beach - North Beach Town Center - The Community Has Spoken!

Last week the G.O. Bond passed with an overwhelming community majority vote! As local business owners and residents, in North Beach, we are excited for the possibilities that lie ahead for our great city. The G.O. Bond is an excellent accelerant to help us make large necessary capital investments into our community, North Beach. It is a great start!

The next step in our city’s growth plan is a sustainable solution for continuous improvement. A few years ago, several teams of community planning experts and hundreds of local participants put together our Proposed North Beach Master Plan known as PLAN NOBE. Their research and studies found that creating a Town Center in North Beach is key to economic stability, as well as, a great addition to fill in the missing conveniences for the residents of North Beach. This is a unique crossroads where private and public investments come together for the good of all. Local businesses like doctors’ offices, shops, restaurants and other professional services, will find a more welcoming environment; in turn, this will increase the tax base that can be funneled back into our community. These mutual benefits are the key to achieving the future we have all dreamed. The solution to our city’s long-term sustainability lies between 69th Street to 72nd Street and Indian Creek to Collins Avenue.

The North Beach Town Center developments are a way to create sustainable economic growth to be able to maintain our great city for years to come. In fact, this is the single best and most realistic strategy we have seen put forward to protect North Beach from sea level rise. We can also feel confident in the preservation of all local amenities we all enjoy like our beaches, native shade trees, parks, pools, tennis courts, and soccer fields.

As locals who chose years ago to raise our families in this idyllic neighborhood we call home, the thoughtfulness of PLAN NOBE, gives us confidence that our government representatives will deliver on this strategy. Because we are wholly invested in North Beach, we are quite active in supporting what we feel is the best long-term plan for our children. Recently, we have seen more and more people from our community come forward to give our representatives the final push they need to act! The small details are the only thing holding back our progress. We are ready for our transformative Town Center! Come out tomorrow, Wednesday November 14th at 5:00PM to the Miami Beach Commission Meeting at City Hall, Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, 1700 Convention Center Drive. We will see you there!

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