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Find out why Miami Beach is one of the Best Places to Invest in Real Estate for 2019!

February 5, 2019

The time is now to get into Miami Beach!  It is one of the best places to invest in Real Estate, whether in commercial or residential markets!

Miami Beach the Best Place to Invest in Real Estate for 2019

What types of public and private investments have been made in Miami Beach?

In recent years, Miami Beach has wisely and carefully planned for the growth of the city.  Experts completed several studies on the best way to approach future infrastructure investment dollars for many areas of the city including the revitalization of the North Beach Town Center.  The city debated and came to a consensus on the plan by increasing both density and height within this district. Public investment dollars are allocated. The next and most exciting step is implementation!  Locals are ready to see the fruits of their investment.

The G.O. Bond passed November 2018 funds three types of public projects: $198 million for infrastructure, $169 million for parks and beaches and $72 million for public safety improvements. Some of the projects include a $53.8 million park, library and aquatic center in North Beach, traffic improvements, storm-water and flooding mitigation, and public safety technology investments.  To view the full detail of the G.O.Bond allocation, click here: https://www.gomb2018.com/

Some of the most impactful projects are the newest Convention Center and the North Beach Town Center.  The Convention Center will now have a hotel connected by a pedestrian bridge limiting the traffic and maximizing the tourist dollars spent in Miami Beach.  The North Beach Town Center, arguably the most impactful investment that has happened to Miami Beach in decades, has the whole city buzzing! Town Center is the first time Miami Beach voters have approved an increase in density.  

Private investment has also taken hold.  Proud developers with successful projects already under their belt in Miami Beach are stakeholders in the future success of North Beach Town Center. In fact, over the past few years, 247,000+ Sq. Ft. of property has already been purchased in North Beach Town Center and is ready to develop anticipating this time!  These investors have been holding out knowing that Miami Beach is the best place to invest in Real Estate for 2019!

Why do people invest in real estate on Miami Beach?

The perks of owning property on an island is that the land is finite!  These natural limits create an enticing exclusivity for residents and businesses; therefore, ensuring a long-term return.  Thoughtfully, the city has limited development so that even in the more urban areas of the island, residents can always see the sunny side of the street.  Advantageously, Miami Beach is only minutes from the main land making it highly accessible to nearby patrons and tourists alike. All of Miami Dade county is quite business friendly promoting employers like American Airlines, FedEx, Burger King Corporation, Mount Sinai Medical Center and CitiBank!   As a matter of fact, recent studies show that our workers are some of the happiest in the USA for 2019!   All of us that live and work here understand exactly why that is true.    

Invest in Miami Beach Real Estate - 2019

The timing could not be better to establish a business just before improvements begin.  Lock in a low price in commercial real estate, as well as, residential real estate! We can already see an uptick of interest since the exciting news came out at the end of 2018.  For now, before the word gets out about Miami Beach being the best place to invest in real estate, you can still get in early! Get the most bang for your buck now.

Diverse residential Miami Beach real estate options from beachside condos to single family homes on a quiet cul-de-sac.  There is something for everyone in this city. South Beach attracts many young people excited to enjoy the nightlife. Mid Beach, Miami Beach, has exceptional service-oriented waterfront condominiums.  Alternatively, North Beach is for those who prefer a quieter lifestyle. Being so close, all three areas fulfill the desires of their residents. Everywhere in Miami Beach is walkable or bikeable with easy accessibility to top restaurants, shops, parks, historical architecture, and public art.  Local schools and churches give families the kind of options they have been seeking. Locals love that their government has made Miami Beach a city of amenities for all residents. Residents enjoy stunning beaches, lovely beach walks, free trolleys, affordable parking, and endless parks and pools.  The island life is a different mindset and the quality of life here is like no other. Not surprisingly, New Yorkers make up the greatest percentage of U.S. out-of-state investments in Miami Beach. Never worry about defrosting again!

Whether you live locally, in another country, or in another city, it is never an imposition to come to beautiful Miami Beach for “work.” The sun will not set on this incomparable city with the best real estate investment opportunities exclusive to Miami Beach.  Yesterday was bright in Miami Beach! Today is bright in Miami Beach! The future is always bright in Miami Beach! We are excited to see what 2019 holds for us. Find out more about why we chose to live, work and play in North Beach, Miami Beach.

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