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Living on Miami Beach: 8 Pro Tips to Live Comfortably at the Beach

August 23, 2019

You’ve decided to move to Miami Beach and feel the sun’s brilliant rays, perpetual sand in nooks and crannies, and experience Miami’s beautiful array of cultures. With winter coming, we don’t blame you!

North Beach, Miami Beach is its own paradise. Palm trees, ocean breeze, clear skies, sandy feet, and sunshine! It’s clinking glasses with your new friends from out of state at the North Beach Bandshell and BBQs at the 36-acre North Beach Oceanside Park.

Walk through the North Beach neighborhood for a reminder of the history of the post World War II Miami Modernismo (MiMo) architecture featuring flat roofs, acute angles, and curved walls, and the opportunity to experience the tight-knit community. There is plenty of life that exists in the neighborhoods, feel free to stroll.

Whether you’re just getting started with life on the beach or are a coastline veteran, here are some essentials to live the beach life like a pro:

Sunscreen – lo primero

SPF whatever you prefer, we want you to live a long and healthy life while in NoBe. Enjoy your new tan sans burn!
Big wheels are important on the sand!

Big wheels are important for carrying your beach items into the sand. There is a lot of it and you are no match. Come prepared with a cooler with large wheels and a wheelbarrow for kids, snacks, and your beach gear. For accessibility, Sabrina’s Adaptive Beach Days in Miami Beach will provide beach wheelchairs, look out for signage and call ahead if you know someone in your party will need one. Check in with the lifeguard on duty or other beach personnel for help in acquiring one once you’ve arrived.
Umbrella with the large screw anchor!

This one is as important as lo primero – your ice will melt, your Capri Suns will be a very disagreeable temperature, and your fruit and cheese plate will be no more. Bring a large umbrella and contribute to the umbrella mosaic that makes Miami Beach so quintessential to American culture. Insert your umbrella at an angle to combat the ocean breeze. Proactively, keep your shoes in the shade so you do not burn your feet putting them back on later.

Cuban sandwich and Mariquitas plantain chips

Get your local fix at a spot like Sazon Cuban Cuisine. This North Beach restaurant is also known for its churros cubanos, colada, sandwich cubano, croquetas and pastelitos. Their traditional Sandwich Cubano is made with Cuban bread, ham, pork, pickles, swiss cheese, mustard and special Sazon Potato Fries. You must get one for yourself and a colada to share with your friends.
Water – stay hydrated.

According to science, the human body is approximately 60% water, be sure to care for it while taking in the salty NoBe air. Pro tip: freeze some water in a reusable water bottle — while it melts, it will help to keep your other items cool!

This is an opportunity for you to show your true colors: express yourself with your frames! We recommend choosing a pair of shades with UVA & UVB protection. Not only will you prevent wrinkles from settling in around your eyes from prolonged squinting, but you will also protect your vision from ultraviolet rays. Think of it as sunscreen protection for your eyes. There is a lot of beauty to see all around, so take care of your eyes!
Chairs and towels –

Always, always a good idea. Be sure to bring multiple, even an extra towel just in case. Your friends who forgot to bring their will thank you!
Bring a cover for the backseat of your car and towels for the front seat to protect from wet swimsuits
The last thing you want is your car smelling like mildew. North Beach residents often carry beach gear, including extra towels in the trunks of their cars. When living in paradise, you never know when you will end up at the beach!

Feel free to take a stroll through some of the North Beach, Miami Beach neighborhoods: the Isle of Normandy, Normandy Shores, Biscayne Point, and La Gorce. Today North Beach is a combination of new and old architecture, with new incorporating some MiMo design features — playing with light, adding fresh color. Places such as Eighty Seven Park and Akoya high rise condominiums are good places to go enjoy these combinations of old meets new. Be prepared to experience Miami Beach in its modern, beautiful glory while living on the beach – sand, sun, and sensational neighbors.

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