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Corporate Relocation to Miami Beach?

March 28, 2019

Advice from the Relocation Package Offer to Settling into your New Miami Beach Home!

Congratulations on your corporate relocation to Miami Beach!  Miami and Miami Beach are incredible cities with great local and international industries full of plentiful job opportunities.  Small businesses find great resources from the city government and large companies find this the perfect place for their Latin America Headquarters. These cities are rich with diverse culture and inimitable neighborhoods.

What does your corporate relocation package offer?

When negotiating your corporate relocation package, do your research about what your company might be able to offer.  Do you know someone else who has moved with the company? Would they be open to discussing how the move went for them and what they might do differently next time?

Could someone share with you what benefits are appropriate to ask for based on your company’s culture. Companies have been known to cover everything prior to your move like the cost of travel to tour your new city to closing costs on your next home.  

Moves across the country or internationally can have many moving pieces. Luckily, you should have a corporate relocation coordinator for your move to guide you through understanding your benefits and coordinating all vendors needed for each step of your move.

 Some other benefits may include a generous cash bonus for unexpected expenses, moving expenses, temporary corporate housing or extended stay hotels, and storage units. Some companies may work with preferred vendors, but do not discount the local experts in your new city. If there is not a substantial monetary difference, use an expert local vendor.  

Be mindful that some perks may have expiration dates. For example, if you do not buy a house within six months or a year, the company may not cover your closing costs on a new home purchase.

Expert Corporate Relocation Moving Tips:

Overestimate how much furniture you will be moving.  It is easy to forget about how much you have until you must move it all.  For this reason, also add additional storage space in case of miscalculation error. Be present for the movers’ packing so you can be sure the boxes are labelled correctly.  

This will minimize future inconveniences. Prepack your most delicate and valuable items – or move them yourself! This is also a good time to purge your home of things that you do not want anymore.  Who wants to move and unpack things they do not want any more? Make sure your moving company does a thorough itemized packing list and you have a copy of the manifesto.

Remember that moving companies will not move anything living; pets and plants must be moved by the owner. If you are travelling with pets, remember to have your corporate relocation coordinator book pet friendly hotels.  Definitely, take plenty of clothes and other necessities for the cross-country or international move because travel times are always estimates.

If your movers are delayed in reaching you, you will want your personal items for convenience. For the international movers, you can choose between air or ocean. When choosing ocean transport, it is important that the person sending the personal items on the shipping container, be the same person who receives the shipment in the new country.  Air transport can be more expensive but might be the right choice for small, expedient deliveries.

Each country has their own laws around transportation and shipping, so be sure you meet all the specific requirements for the move before embarking on the journey. Be especially careful about international laws and regulations when you must transport plants and pets! Always carry your documents on you and buy insurance to be on the safe side.

When moving to Miami Beach, how do you navigate the housing market?

The best advice when moving to a new city is to make a few trips to the city before moving.  When you arrive, explore all the neighborhoods to get a feel for what your day-to-day life in that neighborhood might look like.  If you do not have time to get to know a city before the move, find a short-term rental.

Renting for six or twelve months will give you time to really understand each neighborhood, the local schools, as well as, your commute.  Some buyers with children, choose their home based on the school they prefer.

If you can work from home, this simplifies the search. If you have a commute and prefer to live farther away from your work, there are other creative transportation options like the commuter trains, tri-rail or biking.

Each Miami Beach neighborhood and nearby city has their own unique qualities. The city of Miami Beach shares an island with Surfside and Bal Harbour.  Within Miami Beach, there are three main areas: North Beach, Mid Beach and South Beach.

Within each major area of Miami Beach are many different neighborhoods.  North Beach has at least nine neighborhoods from Normandy Shores, Stillwater, North Beach Oceanside and Town Center. Speak with your local real estate expert to find your perfect Miami Beach neighborhood and home to suit you and your family’s needs.  

Having helped many international and cross-country movers, Urban Resource is ready to help you navigate this corporate relocation process.  As locals in North Beach, Miami Beach, with a combine 200+ years of experience, Urban Resource is your local resource for all your real estate needs. Call 305-403-8686 for advice today.

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