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Are You Looking to Retire in Miami Beach, FL?

November 7, 2019

Retire in Miami Beach

Do you ever wonder why so many buy their vacation homes in Miami Beach? Annual vacationers and snowbirds have been spending their winters in Miami Beach escaping the bitter cold northern winters since the city was founded July 28, 1896. This city is uniquely able to give a quality life to all of its residents regardless of age and background. Named #3 Most Influential Art City in the World by Artsy Magazine, Miami Beach is full of stunning private and public art and host to the world-renowned Art Basel. Miami Beach, known for its year-round great weather, multiculturalism, vibrancy, and easy access to the rest of the world through airlines and cruise ships, has become a destination for those looking to live the Miami Beach island life.

What types of extracurricular activities and events do Miami Beach locals prefer?

Are You Looking to Retire in Miami Beach FL - Flamingo Art

Besides the stunning beaches… Multitudes of park spaces, year-round recreation opportunities, and easy access to exercise make for a long, happy, healthy life for Miami Beach residents. Daily sunshine makes it easy to get outside and enjoy the day whether you like a walk along the 8-mile beach walk, tennis, beach volleyball, or some of the most amazing golf courses. In fact, residents of the City of Miami Beach enjoy many city amenities free or at a substantial discount. Dance the night away at a free international concert under the stars in a MiMo architectural gem at North Beach Bandshell! Join exercise classes at local parks and recreation centers to meet new people and learn new skills. Miami Beach museums and the Botanical Gardens are always a hit! The city and local neighborhood associations put on a host of events from Salsa Saturdays to Culture Crawls and Wine Tastings.

Abundant water access makes Miami Beach a boater’s dream! In fact, the North Beach, Miami Beach neighborhood has been called the Venice of South Florida. Every day you can find locals kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, fishing or just enjoying the peaceful Atlantic waters from the beautiful beaches. Those who have decided to make Miami Beach their home at age 20 or when they retire, can find any and all hobbies and entertainment activities to live a fulfilling life.

What is the neighborhood feel of the different parts of Miami Beach?

Are You Looking to Retire in Miami Beach FL - parks and swing set

Yes, Miami Beach is a tourist destination. Because of that, our great international city has some of the most influential art, music, and food from across the globe. It also makes for great people watching – a favorite pastime! Beautifully preserved Art Deco and MiMo architecture with its vibrant colors and playful designs create visual interest on every corner of the island.

Miami Beach is divided into three main areas – North Beach, Mid Beach, and South Beach. Each Miami Beach neighborhood is then subdivided into many diverse areas that are quite unique. Local experts can help you find the perfect neighborhood to fit your preferred lifestyle. South Beach, historically, has been the main tourist driver, but the city is always growing and changing. There are several areas within the South Beach neighborhood like the breathtaking Venetian Islands or the South of Fifth neighborhood that are perfect for a second home or a primary home to retire. The Mid Beach neighborhood has a quieter feel with both single-family homes and waterfront condominiums to choose between. Can’t decide if you would prefer a single-family home or a condominium? Check out the pros and cons of each here. The North Beach neighborhood is currently seeing the most change as people are starting to see it as the hidden gem locals have always known it to be. In fact, the new North Beach Town Center is just beginning its development as we speak!

Miami Beach Locals Tips

Are You Looking to Retire in Miami Beach FL - beautiful view of the ocean from the sand

If you enjoy cruises, you are the closest you can be to the Port of Miami without actually living on a cruise boat. Those with flexible schedules like retirees and those who work from home, are able to hop on last minute cruises very inexpensively. Don’t forget that as a local, many restaurants, museums and local businesses will offer discounts to the local residents. Who doesn’t love a discount?!

Living in a place where people enjoy vacationing means your friends and family will be eagerly awaiting their invitation to visit. And having the Miami International Airport incredibly close makes planning the trip quite simple. Retiring to a place away from your friends and family doesn’t have to mean you don’t see them – in fact, you may not get them to leave!

Have you heard about the Florida tax advantages?

There are countless reasons to move to Miami Beach, but the low Florida taxes make it a no-brainer! Imagine not only escaping the bone-chilling weather of the north but also saying goodbye to their income tax! The state of Florida does not charge an income tax including Social Security benefits and retirement. Also, there is no estate or inheritance tax! In addition, your home may qualify for the Homestead Exemption. Welcome to Florida!

To find the right place to begin the rest of your life in Miami Beach, start with the local experts at Urban Resource. We can help you find the Miami Beach neighborhood to fit your preferred lifestyle and maximize your real estate investment. Make your vacation home and retirement dreams come true – live that island life, FINALLY!

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