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2019 Home Trends in Miami Beach and South Florida

December 26, 2018

Goodbye, Granite! Hello, Quartz!

2019 Home Trends in Miami Beach and South Florida - Quartz Counters

Everywhere we turn we see quartz! Granite seemed to have a firm grip on the housing market until recently. Quartz is a natural material engineered with other components. Together this combination is more environmentally friendly, more durable and less expensive. Not to mention, it is beautiful! Experts recommend sealing granite annually, but quartz has minimal maintenance. We are all wondering why we didn’t use quartz sooner!

Two-tone Cabinetry?

Who could have predicted that having mismatched kitchen cabinets would be a gorgeous home decorating movement? Unexpectedly, people are beginning to paint their lower kitchen cabinets a darker color than the higher cabinets. This trend creates contrast and visual interest. Displaying decorative pieces featuring both cabinet colors and utilizing consistent hardware throughout helps to coordinate the eye-catching style. Throw out your rule book and have fun with your kitchen!

No one likes a square.

No more subway tile… at least not traditional subway tile. Recently, custom tile has become much more mainstream and accessible. Bold patterned kitchen backsplashes and colorful bathroom floors are all the rage! It is a great way to add your personality and your stylish decorating taste to your home. Mix and match textures, prints, colors, and shapes to create infinite possibilities. This local business has plenty of options: Inno Surfaces


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The 90’s is making a comeback! Everywhere you look, a new version of the hot 1990’s hunter green is prominently featured. Yes, even in Miami Beach! The right shade of green can change the feel of any room. Create a grounded and calm feeling with shades like: Sage Green, Blue-Green Gray, and Colony Green Gray. Give a room a bold punch of energy with shades like: Kelly Green, Night Watch, Lime Mousse, and Reflecting Pool. Follow this local business for plenty of inspiration: Shimo Projects


Downsizing isn’t just for the baby boomers anymore. Generations from Millennials to the Baby Boomers are all wanting to lower their cost of living. Financial security has trumped the third bedroom, formal dining room and huge garages. The benefits are literally outweighing the costs of holding onto material things. As not only a real estate company but also a property management company, we know all-to-well the cost of maintenance. Our advice: plan to tackle the clutter, one closet or corner of the garage each weekend. If you haven’t used it in one year and it does not bring you joy, get rid of it! Free yourself! There are many in need and those items are not doing anyone good collecting dust. Then invest in organizational materials like clear storage boxes, shelving units and a label maker. Living in a well-organized home is liberating for your mind and your pocketbook!

Sustainable, Compact and Multifunctional Home Accents and Furnishings

Speaking of green, this trend is no shock. Adaptability and reusability are key. You will find grounding elements made with sustainable materials like jute and clay in most homes. One of the most beautiful and impactful trends are living walls! Can you think of a better way create sustainable living than by creating walls of stunning green plants? We love the spaces Andromeda District has created! Andromeda District

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