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On October 5, 2011 by Urban Resource

Categories: Buyers, Miami, Neighborhoods, Sellers

Thank you for checking out our Real Estate site, We’re dedicated to Real Estate sales & leasing from Coconut Grove to Bal Harbour, specializing in Miami Beach. Our site is focused on providing our readers with information about the wonderful neighborhoods that border Biscayne Bay. Just like a youngster, our vibrant city is ever changing. Consider Urban Resource as your own personal connection to this diverse¬† community. Our site aims to provide you with timely information on events occurring throughout the year, as well as valuable insight on market trends, and tips for buyers and sellers to keep in mind.

With over 15 years in the Real Estate profession, we understand that there’s more to a home than just price and the space between the walls. Your lifestyle, the things that interest you most in your day to day living, plays a key role in how we find your future residence. Because no purchase or sale is ever exactly the same and due to our experience handling thousands of transactions, being present at numerous property inspections, we can give you a variety of viewpoints when just touring a neighborhood or viewing a property, that will guide you in making a choice. Our blog will include topics that highlight some of the key components we feel is important to consider in real estate. This is most likely your single most important purchase and we strive in guiding you to make the best most informed decision in choosing a home.

In addition to finding the perfect residence, we also have extensive knowledge in real estate investments. Opportunities exist today that have been nonexistent in our market. An investor can truly start generating income or a return on a purchase in the first year of ownership. Condo investments are a great way to start building your real estate portfolio, as they are easy to manage, can be rented quickly, and generate a healthy return for a minimum investment. Consider them as a way to build future nest eggs, a stepping stone towards future purchases, and perfect for getting your feet wet.¬† Stay tuned for posts that will include insight from our partners as to the advantage of real estate investments. Take a good look at your co-workers, your neighbors, those around you at your favorite restaurant or store. Miami is an international gateway, the de facto capital of the Americas, and home to many individuals from a variety of cultures. Miami is still only an infant as it continues to grow as a first class international city. Investing in today’s market in the neighborhoods bordering Biscayne Bay is one of the smartest investment decisions one can make as Miami continues to welcome new residents for years to come.

As we continue to add features to, we encourage you to check in from time to time for new information. We also would love to hear from you with any topics that interest you, our readers.  Our site is created to be dynamic and ever growing with the needs of Miami residents. A resource for anyone interested in our beautiful city. And we hope that you will find it interesting and helpful. After all, we created it with you in mind.

Stay tuned!

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